Whole Life LP95: A Voluntary Life Insurance Program

Golden Life Group - is offering valuable life insurance coverage through the ease of payroll deduction. This program is available only through your employer and offers an affordable way to obtain life insurance with the following features: 

Guaranteed Coverage: With guaranteed coverage (provided eligibility requirements and met*), guaranteed premiums and strong cash values, Whole Life LP95 makes the process of selecting and maintaining coverage in force a little simpler.  

Whole Life for Your Whole Family: Coverage is available for you and your spouse ages 18 to 72, and dependent children and grandchildren age 14 days up to and including age 26. And… you do not have to purchase life insurance in order to insure family members!

Flexible Benefits: You can select the death benefit and cash value components to help meet today’s financial goals. 

Affordable Rates: Golden Life Group offers premium rates that vary according to the benefits you choose. Rates start at $2.00 per week. 

Convenient Premium Payment: Premiums are collected simply and easily through payroll deductions. This means no insurance bills to watch for or checks to mail. 

Permanent Insurance Protection: Once your insurance application has been approved and payroll deductions have started, the policy is yours to keep by continuing to pay premiums, even if you have a change in health, or change employers. 

Guaranteed Cash Values: Whole Life LP95 contains a guaranteed cash value feature. Payment of the scheduled premiums will produce guaranteed cash values that can be used for any purpose. Cash values can be accessed by policy loan. Please see the loan section of your policy for details.  

Dividends: In addition to cash values, Whole Life LP95 is eligible to share in any dividends declared by the Company’s board of directors, provided the policy premiums are paid in full. Dividends are a return of premium and are not taxable as long as the dividends received do not exceed the premiums paid. Policyholder dividends are not guaranteed. 

Paid-Up Coverage: Upon retirement, you have the option to elect paid-up coverage in a reduced amount and cease ongoing premium payments.  

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