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The focus of Golden Life Group is to educate our clients and to provide them with the best policy for them and there families for life time economical growth in life and provide tax free death benefit for legacy growth.




Save up to 50% on your life insurance policy.

This is a policy that we design on a case by case basis. We structure the policy to gain high cash value growths and increasing of death benefit..

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We ensure best insurance services


Life insurance can be used as a tax shelter for clients that want to plan their future strategically. Policyholders can potentially avoid certain taxes and use life insurance policies to pay significant tax expenses in the future. 


Guaranteed issued whole life for employees that is not an expense to the employer. It’s a benefit that the employee pays on a discounted price with no health questions requested.

We structure a life insurance policy to build cash value to be used for college expenses when the child is ready for college at the same time providing a permanent life insurance policy.


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Most people choose Golden Life Group

People choose Golden Life Group because we structure the policy to cater to the clients needs and goals. We structure policies that works for the client and there family.

We take time to understand your business and emplyee’s needs, crafting customize programs designed to meet your specific requirements.  

Golden Life Group has saved clients up to 60% on life insurance policies. Our job is to get you the most coverage for your budget. 


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